Ah, I used to be the perpetually punctual. The on time one. Even the 10 minutes early just in case they come early too one. And, sometimes, the “it’s okay, I only got here 5 minutes ago” one. But I have been corrupted, beguiled by the fashionably late agenda. “Sorry, I had a last-minute errand to run,” I say, but in truth I just wanted to finish that episode. You know, that episode. The one you can definitely catch up on later and that really does nothing for the plot but you just started it — knowing that you have to be somewhere in an hour and you can’t possibly cram a 1-hour episode in 30 minutes — so might as well finish it.

I am sorry I have failed our kind and fallen into the easy loopholes of life that can provide me with an infinite amount of excuses as to why I was late that one time.

Someday soon, maybe, the perpetually punctual bandwagon will stop by the nearest train station. But I will, most probably, miss it.

English graduate student and freelance writer based in France. Words at Level, Elemental, Gen, Human Parts, etc. Email: abderemane.m.assad@gmail.com

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